Washington Cities Scholarship Program

The Washington Cities Scholarship Program will cover 50% of the registration fee for AWC trainings and webinars and is a reimbursement based program. Once an application is approved, the city must register and pay the full registration fee. When the event is completed, the city will be reimbursed for 50% of the fee in the same manner in which it was paid.

Washington Cities Scholarship funds are not available for major AWC conferences (City Legislative Action Conference, AWC’s Annual Conference, Labor Relations Institute or the Member Services Training and Expo).

To apply, please complete and submit the application form below.





Event you wish to attend:

Please answer the following questions:

How long have you been in your present position?

Have you received prior training while serving in your position?

How much is budgeted for training in your department/city?

How many people (staff and elected officials) are covered under this training budget?

Please provide a little detail about your city's financial situation and why this scholarship is needed:

Is there anything more you would like us to know?

By submitting this application, I understand that, if approved, the scholarship will only cover 50% of the registration fee. My city is responsible for the other 50% registration cost, plus other travel-related expenses. I understand that if I register for an event and am denied a scholarship, my city will be charged the cancellation fee. I understand that should I accept a scholarship and not attend the training, my city will be charged the cancellation fee for that particular workshop.